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Komárom Derby CACIB

After a long show weekend, we are very tired, but happy and satisfied with our results.

SHINE / Black Velvet the Cherry on Top in Intermediate class:

  • 1. day: Exc.1., CAC, CACIB
    Judge: Korózs Gábor (HU)
  • Exc.1., CAC, CACIB, BOB
    Judge: Jill Peak (GB)
  • Exc.1., CAC, resCACIB
    Judge: Radvánszki Katalin (HU)


HUGO / Snoopy’s Gang Hugo Boss in Champion class:

  • 1. day: Exc.2., resCAC
    Judge: Maria Ceccarelli (IT)
  • Exc.1., CAC
    Judge: Alberto Cuccillato (IT)
  •, Special CAC: Exc.1., CAC, Best Male
    Judge: Alessandro Zeppi (IT)